Cover, rev jonathanA Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife

In 1997, artist Jan Hart was rushed to a hospital in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a sudden, life-threatening spinal infection, and immediately underwent three surgeries over six weeks of hospitalization. She felt lucky to simply have survived.

During Hart’s hospitalization she experienced a vivid emerald green and scarlet red vision of an entity who called himself Raphael. His message was to ‘Be Conscious’.

Compelled to comprehend, but with no idea how this directive would alter the course of her life, Hart’s quest began first, during her recovery, then into her life as a single-woman, watercolor artist, and teacher. When the US financial crisis of 2008 hit, Hart, on the eve of losing her livelihood, followed the signs—or rather, the colors.

As spirit guides and signposts of scarlet and emerald illuminated her journey, she embarked—at age sixty-six—on a new life in Costa Rica.

It was never a life she could have imagined, but it became a spiritual treasure hunt for meaning filled with deep love, heart breaking loss, discovery, and self-renewal. Ultimately the growth toward consciousness opened a door into the Afterlife.

Cover design by Jonathan Owens, (Jan’s son); painting, ‘Raphael 1’ by Jan Hart, 1997




The book is presented in three parts….


Part 1: Scarlet Red
(New Mexico 1997 – 2008)


Part 2: Iridescent Blue
(Costa Rica 2008 – 2014)


Part 3: Emerald Green
(Costa Rica 2014-2016)

Jan Hart

Jan Hart
Jan Hart

Born in 1942, Jan grew up in the chaparral areas of Southern California with a love for nature and the out of doors. Her lifelong affinity for animals led her to a BA degree in Zoology, and minor in Chemistry. Passionate for art and inclined to teach, Hart instructed high school biology and later, art. After achieving a Master of Architecture degree, she taught media and watercolor at the Universities of Washington and Oregon.

Trained under prominent artists, she has taught watercolor privately for over thirty-five years. Known internationally for her book, The Watercolor Artist’s Guide to Exceptional Color 2007, her dramatic and colorful paintings, and inspirational workshops and intensives, are balanced with her continuing studies in Consciousness and Soul work.

For 15 years Jan Hart made her home in Española, just north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. As a self-supporting artist, Jan taught watercolor from her studio at Ranchito San Pedro, in Costa Rica and other places that beckoned. In 2008 Jan moved herself and family of dogs and parrots from New Mexico to southern Costa Rica where she met and married the love of her life, fellow ExPat and Canadian, Frank Thompson. Frank’s sudden death in 2014 changed the story and the dimension.

The book, A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife is Jan Hart’s personal memoir of her search for the meaning of consciousness  following her indelible vision in 1997. She continues her teaching, painting and writing from her home high above the town of San Isidro de El General.  Her writings, blog and ebooks are available through her main website,